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A New Year reminder on cargo protection

As the New Year commenced, the dangers inherent in global cargo transportation were brought to life. A storm caused 270 containers to fall off one of the world’s largest container ships, MSC Zoe, as she travelled through the Wadden Sea on January 2nd.

Cargo washed up on beaches, including three containers that officials stated were carrying toxic substances [1], one with a cargo of peroxide powder. Dutch and German coastguards warned people to steer clear of them.

It is not always possible to protect against such acts of nature. But they do illustrate the dangers inherent in global chemical transportation and the effect that such a problem can have on a brand, its employees, shippers and the general public.

Reducing risk is a key requirement in the global chemical supply chain. Nobody can control the weather and not every accident is avoidable. But working in partnership with chemical cargo protection experts can helps minimize the risk of spillage when accidents do occur.

Make your resolution to start 2019 by reviewing the safety and reliability of your transportation modes and cargo securing. A Cordstrap chemical cargo protection expert in your region will be able to work with you to make a comprehensive evaluation. You can find their details here.

Our expertise in delivering the right products and solutions for every cargo on every route means that in an uncertain world, Cordstrap can provide you with maximum peace of mind where the protection of your chemical cargo is concerned.

[1] BBC News 03.01.19

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