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A caring approach for difficult times

In these exceptional times, Cordstrap believes that is essential that we all look after each other. Caring for the safety and health of our staff and their families, our customers, partners and suppliers.

We acted quickly and decisively to do this in our own business as the COVID-19 pandemic began, to ensure we protected our customers’ businesses and our own.

Respecting the supply chain

An essential element in keeping supply chains intact and the economy moving are transport and logistics companies. Their drivers are on the front line in ensuring business stability.

However, as Transport and Logistics Netherlands (TLN) have pointed out, some businesses have initially reacted to the current crisis by refusing drivers access to basic facilities when visiting their premises. Even insisting they do not leave their vehicles and denying them control over what is loaded and unloaded at a site.

Protecting front line workers

Heath and safety precautions are clearly more important than ever at the current time. But we believe that a fresh approach and new ways of working are required, to provide safe working environments for the front line workers who keep our economy running. While treating them with complete understanding and respect.

As an example, Cordstrap has developed a new initiative for truck drivers visiting our warehouse. They will receive a warm welcome and be provided with a segregated area to keep both themselves and our staff healthy and happy. Where they can use the bathroom and enjoy a cup of coffee and a biscuit (or maybe even an Easter egg!) As Jordy Jacobs, our Warehouse Manager says,

“Times like these make your really appreciate the team you work with. And the truck drivers who visit Cordstrap are definitely part of that team. They’ll always get a warm welcome here.”

Standing together

In unprecedented circumstances, we must all stand together. Protecting each other and ensuring that our economy survives and thrives. At Cordstrap, we are focused on playing our part in every way we can.

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