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Meeting the biggest cargo Securing challenges

The CSCL Globe is the world’s largest cargo ship
- and provides a great illustration of the scale of cargo securing needs that Cordstrap can help address.

The CSCL Globe arrived in Felixstowe recently after an 11,000 mile, month long voyage from China; and within 24 hours left for Rotterdam with a different cargo.
The size of the vessel is immense – if laid end to end,
the containers it carries would stretch for 72 miles
– and demonstrates the enormous demand for shipping that the global economy increasingly generates.

The worldwide container ship fleet now has the capacity to carry over 15.4 million standard containers.
All of which need to be kept safe at sea, where they
will be exposed to a range of powerful forces such
as wind, waves and rain. Such dynamic factors being
at play, the dangers of loss, damage and injury from shifting cargo are evident.

With 50 years experience of ensuring goods are safe and secure in transit for customers around the world, including the maritime industry, Cordstrap is well placed to help businesses meet the booming global need
for their services; with custom-built securing solutions for any cargo shipping challenge.

Even one as massive as the CSCL Globe.

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