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Cordstrap Supply Chain Management Traineeship Program

Interview with Marc Janssen and Joep Slangen

We’re proud of the Supply Chain Management Traineeship program we run at Cordstrap. We understand that it’s essential for potential candidates to have insights into Cordstrap and the program – and so we asked Marc Janssen (VP Global Supply Chain Operations) and Joep Slangen, the current trainee, about their experiences with this traineeship as well as about Cordstrap as a company.

Marc Janssen

VP Gobal Operations

Marc Janssen

How would you describe the company's culture and mentality (in terms of staff)?

Cordstrap has a flat and open company culture. We look for energetic, proactive and data- savvy personalities with the right expertise to start in a job and the confidence to develop further with the opportunities that come along. We are a customer-centric and ambitious company that continuously professionalizes across all functions, so if you’re looking for change and challenges, this is your next workplace.

What does Cordstrap (and therefore you as the manager involved) offer in terms of guidance or other working conditions to enable the trainee in question to grow optimally during this trainee program?

Trainees will experience a great mix of taking operational responsibility for various supply chain management areas, supply chain analytics and project management. You will be exposed to and coached by senior management to position you for a challenging job after approximately 2 years. We believe in training on the job and external coaching and training that can be applied immediately in the workplace. I started as a supply chain trainee a while ago, and my ambition is to develop our future operations leaders from our current and future trainees.

"Cordstrap is a great place to work for those that thrive in a high pace and challenging environment."

Marc Janssen
VP Gobal Operations

Joep Slangen

Cordstrap Trainee

Joep Slangen

What was the decisive reason for you personally to follow this trainee program?

For me, the most decisive reason to choose this traineeship was the combination of the type of company and size/ international orientation. I was looking for a company that had a strong international presence without having the typical disadvantages of a big international company. Such disadvantages are often bureaucracy, narrow functions, and hard to see your efforts making a difference. This in combination with the possibility to take on responsibilities in various areas of Cordstrap’s supply chain and external training opportunities made me choose this traineeship.

What is the most valuable thing for you as a person that you have experienced or learned during this trainee program?

Make yourself visible in the company and dare to stand out. If people get to know you and hear good things about you, opportunities will present themselves.

What is for you the most beautiful/funniest/unique moment you have experienced that characterises the period at Cordstrap?

Most unique moment(s) to me were the team meetings we (with the project team) had with a potential outsourcing partner in China. My role in this project was to analyse the financial implications of outsourcing. Participating in a project with such strategic relevance contributed substantially to my personal development. In addition, it also indicates that Cordstrap genuinely values the input of trainees. Marc invited me to be part of this project after I told him that I would like to learn more about the purchasing profession. This characterizes the traineeship at Cordstrap because it illustrates that the company actively contributes to the realization of wishes related to the candidate's development

What new opportunities has your time at Cordstrap brought you?

My time at Cordstrap has mainly given me insight into which areas are of particular interest to me at the moment and where I want to improve myself hats. That's how I will start as a team leader in production in April. We even discussed possible future positions/opportunities after this position. I hadn't thought of this before my traineeship

How would you describe your time at Cordstrap in max. 4 words?

Diverse, challenging, pleasant and full of opportunities.

What is your best tip for aspiring trainees?

Take control over your own development. Only then the traineeship will be a success.

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