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LogiChem US 2019

LogiChem US 2018 takes place next week in Princeton NJ and this year focuses on Connected Supply Chain and Customer-Centric Supply Chain. The event allows chemical industry executives to learn about integrating a fully optimized supply chain with their business goals, to maximize growth and improve overall operations.

Cordstrap are proud to sponsor this must-attend event

Addressing chemical industry challenges

Cordstrap are proud to sponsor this must-attend event and Donna McPherson, our President North America will be one of the speakers at this years conference.

Donna joined Cordstrap in 2017 after a 20-year career with Kimberley-Clark Professional. She has a cross-functional background in sales, marketing and manufacturing. Her focus at Cordstrap has been on developing and implementing a growth strategy that includes delivering unique solutions that address the challenges chemical companies are facing in compliance, safety and standardization and consistency.

The role of compliance in chemical cargo protection

On day two of LogiChem at 11.00 am, Donna will speak on Ensuring Compliance In Times Of Volatility – A Supply Chain and Logistics Perspective. She will share insights on the vital role of compliance in relation to cargo protection, talking of how standardization and consistency of solutions can reduce risk and improve agility to operate in an uncertain environment.

Update with the Cordstrap experts

Throughout the event, the Cordstrap team will be at Booth #5They can help problem solve and explore how compliant cargo protection can decrease business hazards and enhance operational efficiency in a changeable market.  To book an appointment with them for a consultation, click here.

Leading the way in cargo securing for the chemical industry

Cordstrap Expertise

  • 50 years experience of working with the petrochemical industry
  • Revolutionary, class-leading solutions to cargo securing
  • Minimized TCO, transforming the supply chain
  • Claims and rejections minimized
  • Safety of personnel and cargo ensured
  • Accidents and spillages prevented
  • Brand image protected

Fully compliant container securing 

Cordstrap’s cargo securing solutions for the chemical industry guarantee loads will be approved by surveyors and shipping lines.

  • CTU Code compliant
  • Lloyds and MariTerm certified
  • AAR approval
  • Unrivalled physical insurance


Cordstrap Expertise

An unrivalled bank of knowledge allows Cordstrap to innovate and find the right securing solution for every application. Whatever the load, whatever the mode of transport. These will be smarter, quicker and simpler to apply than traditional methods.

They use technologically advanced, standardized solutions with expertly engineered add-ons to provide the right result. For every cargo, in every configuration. They are time and cost effective and keep total cost of ownership as low as possible. Whilst ensuring that claims and rejections are minimized.  

The right solution for the customer

I look forward to meeting with Cordstrap experts again this year for expert advice on chemical cargo securing

Keeping the world’s Cargo safe

Cordstrap have specialists in over 50 global locations

Cordstrap by Industry

Providing physical insurance to the world’s major industries

50 years of Experience

Delivering cargo security solutions