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Cordstrap’s world-leading container cargo portfolio: engineered solutions for any cargo

With the launch of our innovative AnchorLash HD application, Cordstrap can now provide container securing solutions for every load: light (up to 11 tons), medium (up to 18 tons) or heavy (up to 30 tons).  They have been engineered to protect all types of cargo and minimize operational costs by maximizing time and cost efficiency.

Whatever your requirement, Cordstrap have a solution to secure your cargo safely and efficiently within the container.

Cordstrap AnchorLash – for loads up to 11 tons

AnchorLash is specifically engineered for lighter container shipments of up to 11 tons. It delivers time and cost-efficiencies, by enabling light cargo to be secured  safely and consistently within only 8 minutes.

Cordstrap AnchorLash


Cordstrap AnchorLash HD – for loads up to 18 tons

Specifically designed for medium-weight loads in containers, AnchorLash HD is a breakthrough innovation in cargo securing. The most time and cost-efficient solution on the market, AnchorLash HD enables medium-weight cargo (up to 18 tons) to be secured in an easy and consistent way within 10 minutes.

Cordstrap AnchorLash HD


Cordstrap CornerLash – for loads up to 30 tons

CornerLash® represents a technological development in cargo protection. It has been carefully engineered to be the most time and cost-efficient solution on the market, enabling heavy cargo of up to 30 tons to be secured quickly and consistentlywithin 10 minutes.

Cordstrap CornerLash


All Cordstrap container-securing solutions are engineered to ensure our customers’ cargo, people and brand are fully protected.

Optimal securing

AnchorLash and AnchorLash HD use the strongest existing securing point in the container – the anchor point – to provide optimal securing for loads of up to 11 and 18 tons in transit. CornerLash is the only solution in the market that uses the strongest point of the container – the corner posts – to achieve optimum securing for up to 30 tons in transit.

Fast and easy application

Our container solutions are up to three times faster than competitor solutions. Securing a container with AnchorLash takes 8 minutes, AnchorLash HD and CornerLash take only 10 minutes and all can be done by one person.

Fully certified

All Cordstrap solutions are fully CTU Compliant and are certified by Mariterm, Lloyds and Eurosafe.

Expert Support

Standardized loading plans ensure solutions are always applied in the same manner, with add-ons keeping cargo in the right position. On-site training supports jointly agreed implementation and rollout plans. 

Best for your cargo and your business

Cordstrap’s revolutionary container securing solutions are engineered to keep your cargo safe. Whatever the load, route or type of transport. While also transforming the efficiency of your business with quick, compliant and consistent application. Find out more about the cargo securing solution that would fit your cargo best. Or contact your local expert today.

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