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Your guide to Cordstrap’s Cargo Protection Solutions

Cargo damage and loss costs $50 billon every year. Here’s 4 simple ways you can prevent damage to your cargo and your brand reputation.

Cordstrap Strapping

50% of cargo damage is due to poor packing and securing

  • Our engineered Strapping prevents costly damages
  • GL certified and CTU Code compliant
  • Light weight, shock absorbent and re-tensionable
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Cordstrap strapping products used to bundle and palletize steel drums on a pallet.

Dunnage Bags

The most common cause of freight damage is falling cargo

  • Dunnage bags are much more effective in stabilizing cargo than wood blocking and bracing
  • Cordstrap D-Connect Dunnage Bags ensure cargo is secured as safely as possible
  • Our Direct Connect technology means inflation is 20% faster than any other solution in the market
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Moisture Control

Moisture damages 10% of the cargo in every container

  • Temperature fluctuations, packaging and loading environments all cause humidity
  • Humidity causes mold, corrosion, packaging damage and more
  • Cordstrap’s Moisture Control delivers the tailored protection you need
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Anti-Slip Mats

Cargo items can often shift, tip and fall in transit

  • Eliminate these problems with friction
  • Cordstrap Anti-slip Mats are engineered for all types of cargo
  • High friction coefficient and conform to the latest EN and DIN standard
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