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Shipping steel and metal to maintain a competitive advantage

Although the global steel market has begun to recover in strength, profitability is still a long way from its peak. For example, Europe’s steel makers saw peak profitability at €215 in earnings per tonne in the third quarter of 2008; in the first quarter of 2017 this figure stood at €83/tonne. [1]

Such a market means that there is an on-going drive across the industry to bear down on manufacturing and supply chain costs. Transportation is a key focus of this.

With over 50 years experience of working with steel and metal producers, Cordstrap understand the specific shipping needs of the industry. And we’re aware that simple transport cost reductions are pointless if they then result in delays and increased expense elsewhere in the supply chain. For example, due to delays caused by rejection of damaged goods.

Whether securing rolled steel coils on a flat rack or protecting coated metal products in transit, Cordstrap has tailored solutions specifically designed to ensure that steel and metal loads are secure, safe and comply with all national and global regulations whilst being shipped.

And as you would expect from the global leader in cargo securing, our powerful product suite is delivered along with world-class advice and quality training, applications expertise and legislative insights.

Which means that steel and metal manufacturers can maintain their competitive advantage worldwide, while being assured that health and safety and product damage incidents during transit are being minimized. 

[1] Financial Times, 14.08.17

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