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Ensuring compliance, whatever the market

It is estimated that world GDP will treble by 2030, with the three largest economies being the USA, China and India [1] Trade between global trade regions is expected to double in the same period.

A booming demand for steel

While the immediate outlook may be one of over production and a likely tariff war, future demand for steel is likely to see the industry continue to expand as one of the key drivers of a booming global economy. Construction needs will see a major rise in demand from India, where the next two decades are predicted to see a five-fold growth in demand. Overall consumption by 2030 is estimated at between 3.4 and 3.8 million tonnes. 

Increasing global legislation

A thriving globalized market means that manufacturers are shipping over long distances, by sea, road and rail. They do this while facing increasing global and local control and legislation, which they are directly responsible for. For example, the CTU Code explicitly states, “although the carrier generally is responsible to deliver the cargo in the same condition as received, it is the shipper who should deliver a cargo that is safe and suitable for transport.”

Ensuring compliance 

At Cordstrap we have over 50 years experience of working with steel and metal producers to meet their obligations worldwide. Whether securing on flat racks, railcars, as break bulk cargo or in containers, our solutions are tested for maximum safety and reliability, and our products are accepted and approved by regulatory bodies including the International Maritime Organization and the Association of American Railroads. Cordstrap’s strapping and lashing solutions meet the requirements of the Germanischer Lloyd classification society and we are fully ISO 9001 certified. All our applications are fully CTU compliant.

Secure cargo training

In addition to providing industry-leading solutions, Cordstrap offer steel and metal manufacturers extensive training, both on-site and at our knowledge and training centers in the Netherlands and USA. We ensure that our customers always have the very latest knowledge of cargo protection technology and industry legislation.


[1] Futurenautics Global Trends 2030

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