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Various modes of cargo transport.

CTU Verfahrensvorschriften

A new version of the CTU Code will be introduced shortly. One major change is that shippers will be responsible for delivering cargo in the same condition as it was received.

Many incidents attributed to bad packing 
Many incidents in transport are attributed to poor practices in the packing of cargo transport units such
as containers, including inadequate securing of the cargo, overloading and misdeclaration of contents.
This is of major concern particularly because the victims may be the general public or transport and supply
chain workers, who generally have no control over
the packing of such units. Besides this, shipper’s profits and goodwill get written off with the damage to cargo, CTU or infrastructure; who’s ever container is badly packed will be held liable.

A new version of the CTU Code will be introduced shortly. One major change is that shippers will be responsible to deliver the cargo in the same condition as received.
Where the current 1997 version of the CTU Guidelines for Packing of Cargo Transport Units describes the responsibility of shippers briefly, the new Code
of Practice for Packing of Cargo Transport Units
(in short: CTU Code), is more explicit: “Although the carrier generally is responsible to deliver the cargo
in the same condition as received, it is the shipper
who should deliver a cargo that is safe and suitable
for transport (draft version December 2013 of the
CTU Code). 

Cordstrap does more than just supplying products
At Cordstrap, we have a mission to help customers
to secure their cargos safely and keep them up-to-date on the latest rules, regulations and practices. The new CTU Code will have an impact on how manufacturers, shippers and forwarders handle cargo securing.
The Code sets out clearly what their responsibility
is and the measures they need to take to make sure cargos arrive safely.

Our experience with cargo securing is rooted for almost half a century. We believe that cargo securing doesn’t stop at supplying cargo securing products alone; by additionally providing training and advice we ensure that customers have a genuine solution for their cargo securing complexities. At Cordstrap we meticulously monitor global market developments, regulatory requirements and talk to customers regarding their needs. This helps us to develop new & improved solutions, where and wherever needed.

If you want to be kept updated on further developments and the impact that the introduction of the new CTU Code will have, you can subscribe below.

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