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Cordstrap expertise aids the Worldwide Construction boom

A sustained global economic recovery from the crisis
of seven years ago has produced one of its most obvious indicators in the growth of worldwide construction, with the industry set to grow to
$8.5 trillion in 2015 and on to $10.3 trillion by 2020.*

The rise of skyscrapers worldwide appears to be unstoppable, with the advantages of efficient space usage linked to rising property prices - and the popularity of high buildings with commercial tenants.

So It is no surprise that across the globe, a boom
in the construction of high buildings continues.
In London alone, 70 skyscrapers are currently under construction, with another 200 planned; and worldwide there are expected to be eight 600m ‘megatall’ buildings by 2020.

Such rapid growth creates a need for the shipping
of complex and often fragile construction materials worldwide. Which is why many key players in the industry choose to work with Cordstrap – the global leader in the provision of cargo security, with 50 years
of experience in delivering the solutions essential
to the construction industry. Giving peace of mind
that any product, however big or irregular
- from self-cleaning windows to solar solutions and water supply systems – can be easily transported.

And with new product innovations and solutions continually coming on stream, Cordstrap’s team of experts work continually with construction industry clients to ensure that every challenge they meet – now and in the future – can be safely and efficiently met.

*Global Construction Outlook 2020

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