Cordstrap work alongside leading global businesses to supply world-class products and applications for domestic and international shipping challenges. These are supported by a global team of cargo applications engineers and training through the Cordstrap Training Centers. We provide advice and solutions for the following industries:


A true global partner, Cordstrap have both the resource and commitment to the chemical industry to monitor all regulatory requirements and global developments. Then advise on mandatory requirements and best practice.

In addition to products and solutions, we can provide advice in such key areas as loading patterns and factory / warehouse cargo securing audits.

We have over 50 years experience of our customer’s typical loads – whether 55-gallon drums, super sacks, 25kg bags or IBC’s. We also have a deep understanding of the differing ways in which they behave.


With the world economy recovering from recession, both the European and US construction industries are returning to growth. Worldwide construction output is forecast to grow by 70%, contributing $15 trillion to the world economy by 2025*.

This creates a need for the cost-effective and safe shipping of building materials around the world. A global supplier to the construction industry might need to transport everything from lumber to solar solutions and water supply systems.

* Global Construction Perspectives

Food and Beverage

The global supply chain for food and beverages is highly competitive – and any loss of revenue or reputation due to disruption or damage is potentially disastrous.

Eliminating those threats is what Cordstrap exists to do. With our commitment, industry knowledge and technological expertise, we’re not only a logical and cost-effective choice. We also provide the greatest asset of all. Peace of mind.

Cordstrap have the resource and commitment to the food and beverage industry to monitor all worldwide regulatory requirements. Then advise on mandatory requirements and best practice.


Cordstrap is the leading global supplier of cargo securing solutions. Working in partnership with 3PL companies and combining our expertise with their own in transportation, ensures that their customers benefit from total, best-in-class shipping solutions.

Developed through industry-leading knowledge and expertise, our cargo-securing product portfolio is the largest, best quality and most innovative available to the logistics industry.

Machinery and Equipment

Manufacturers of large and heavy machinery and equipment have complex and specialized shipping needs in order to ensure that their products arrive safely; machines with suspension will always behave dynamically in transit.

Whether by road, sea, rail or air Cordstrap have the expertise to ensure that dynamic cargo with suspension, heavy machinery or crated parts can be moved safely and securely. Windmills, offshore equipment or agricultural machinery – Cordstrap can ensure their secure transit over long distances.

Steel and Metal

Cordstrap has 50 years experience of working with steel and metal producers to understand the behavior of their products in transit and the specific shipping needs this represents. 

Working with the global resources of Cordstrap and accessing the company’s innovative products and application techniques allows steel and metal producers to maintain their competitive advantage worldwide, while reducing health and safety and product damage incidents during transit. Our cargo security experts can provide the advice and training needed to ensure total cargo security.