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Meet the Experts

If you have questions about how Cordstrap could help your business, we invite you to speak directly to our experts. You can learn more about their specialisms here.

Stefan Becker

Super cargo is Stefan’s specialism – up to 500 tonnes, transported on barges and also stowed on or below decks. He has been involved with creating and implementing Cordstrap solutions since 2000
and is an industry leader when it comes to new
and innovative solutions that make a real tangible difference in super cargo securing.

Stefan has completed the Cordstrap Level I and II courses and completed the course “Exceptional Transport", presented by The Chartered Institute
of Logistics and Transport located in Singapore.
Currently he is enrolled for a Diploma in Marine Surveying from the Lloyd’s Maritime Academy.


Adrian Costas

Adrian is an accredited cargo surveyor with years
of experience in break-bulk cargo and ship
and flat rack securing in ports and the machinery
and equipment industry.


Shane Darden

Shane has spent his entire cargo-securing career
with Cordstrap. He is an expert in all aspects of railcar securing and holds certifications including the National Academy of Railroad Sciences Freight Car Open Top Loading and the National Cargo Bureau Securing of Non-Standard Cargo.

Since joining Cordstrap in 2003 he has advised hundreds of rail shippers in safely and securely
moving cargo under AAR regulations in all modes
of transportation. Shane has been involved in every stage of customer projects, including load securement plans, estimations, demonstrations, trials, training and follow up service.


Gert-Henk van Gammeren

Gert-Henk is a transportation expert focussing
on maritime shipping challenges and the unique
issues associated with break bulk, project cargo,
offshore and international shipping. For the past
five years Gert-Henk has applied his unique set of skills
in two of the biggest and busiest ports in the world
- Rotterdam and Antwerp. There he focusses on building highly structured partnerships with shippers revolving around quality, knowledge, support and trust.

Gert-Henk brings over 20 years of experience in packing and lashing to Cordstrap.  He has completed Lashing and Securing training modules 1, 2, and 3, and today
is delivering containerizating, flat rack and break bulk expertise to steel and metal customers, export packers, logistics businesses and lashing companies.


Reiner Gohlke

Reiner brings almost 30 years of experience
to customers in the chemical and steel and metal industries. Passionate about the importance of cargo securing, he is an expert on Dynamic Cargo Securing and also has a deep understanding of the needs of export packers, logistics businesses and lashing companies.

Reiner is a DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024:2012 certified trainer
and advisor for load securing sea, rail and road transport.


Tom Keefe

Over the past 15 years Tom has been working
to help large manufacturing companies to optimize
their packaging requirements. 

Starting out in the lumber and housing component sector, Tom was an early innovator in converting customers from steel strapping to safer and more flexible composite solutions. In more recent years
he has been expanding this experience to help
pioneer applications that replace the use of chains,
wire ropes and steel in port areas up and down
the East Coast of the US.

Tom has a vast understanding of IMO regulations
and loading patterns, and uses this knowledge
to create and roll out of ‘safety-first’ solutions using
the latest technologies and knowledge.


Mike Kontz

A construction industry expert who spent 16 years
in the building material industry before moving into cargo securing,  Mike has been with Cordstrap
for over five years.

Mike’s vast expertise comes from having visited over 1,000 lumber and building material yards across the US.  This hands-on interaction with customers of every size helps give Mike a unique perspective on this challenging sector with a keen focus on what customers and prospective customers need in order to safely secure and ship their cargo.


Scott Loudon

Scott has worked for Cordstrap for over 10 years
and has helped over 500 companies improve their shipping procedures. He specializes in damage prevention on the North American railroads, aiming
to develop safer, easier to use cargo restraint systems.

A member of the AIST (Association for Iron and Steel Technologies), Scott is currently assisting the AAR (American Association of Railroads) and RAC
(Rail Association of Canada) with rail movement issues.


Tom Moffat

Tom’s expertise is in export packing and ports.

Listening to the past concerns of prospective clients
has made Tom very aware of what can swiftly go 
wrong if loads are not properly secured. He sees the commitment of Cordstrap to safety as absolutely central as to why a business would want to partner with us.

Tom has completed all Cordstrap’s Training Center courses on composite strapping, dunnage bag and lashing training - as well as and external courses including the Freight Car Open Top Loading program presented by the National Academy of Railroad Sciences.


Marco Muilwijk

Marco is a passionate speaker on European cargo securing and has a clear view of how the CTU
Code will drive an increase in safety in the entire transportation chain.

His 15 years of expertise brings a wealth of knowledge of Dynamic Cargo Securing and the bundling
and palletizing of heavy loads to the steel and metal
and chemical industries.

Marco is a DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024:2012 certified
trainer and advisor for load securing sea,
rail and road transport.


Mark Openshaw

Break-bulk cargo and bundling and palletizing are particular areas of expertize within Mark’s 15 years
of global experience.

Mark has industry leading knowledge in the steel and metal and construction industries and port based businesses - with specific regard to flat rack securing, containerizing and Dynamic Cargo Securing.  


David Parrin

A proud member of the ICHCA (International Cargo Handling Co-ordination Association), David brings almost 30 years of industry knowledge to the steel
and metal, machinery and equipment and chemical industries. He is an expert on current industry rules and regulations on cargo securing, including the CTU Code.

With a deep understanding of bundling and palletizing heavy and awkwardly shaped products and Dynamic Cargo Securing, David is a passionate and knowledgeable speaker on cargo securing globally.

A DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024:2012 certified trainer and advisor, David can clearly explain how the introduction of one way polyester lashing solutions by Cordstrap
has changed industry perspectives of safety, ease
of use and damage free transport. 


Piergiorgio Tammaro

Piergiorgio has almost 15 years of experience
in the shipping needs of the chemical industry
and businesses that are based in ports. He has helped many businesses reduce their damage levels to
an absolute minimum with his extensive knowledge
of containerization and Dynamic Cargo Securing.


Darren Ward

Darren joined Cordstrap in 1995 and has worked 
in wide ranging areas of the business, from general strapping applications through to load restraint.

With over 20 years of cargo securing expertise Darren’s continual drive mirror’s Cordstrap’s commitment 
to all safety aspects of load securing.


Sandor Willems

Sandor is a true expert in transportation and logistics having worked with many global businesses in Europe, Middle East & Africa and North America.
Bringing over 17 years of experience to Cordstrap, Sandor has vast experience translating a wide range
of customer challenges into highly engineered and customized solutions.
Sandor has a Master’s degree from the Harvard
Business School, as well as additional certifications
and accreditations, and readily applies this knowledge to the complex cargo-securing requirements
of Cordstrap’s customers in the logistics industry
around the world.


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