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Cordstrap CornerLash

We believe that Cordstrap CornerLash will secure your container cargo better than your current solution.

In fact, we’re so confident that we’ll help you secure your next five container shipments for free!

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CornerLash delivers sustainable benefits to your supply chain

Sustainable solutions are essential part of supply chains. CornerLash can deliver sustainable benefits and help mitigate against environment and economically harmful ship fires and damaged cargo. 

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4 more reasons why CornerLash is better than your current solution...

1. Consistent

Whatever the weather, hot cold, humid, or dry, CornerLash performs. Day in, day out.

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2. Certified

CornerLash is CTU Code compliant,
and AAR approved.

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3. Safe, strong and secure

Rated to safely secure up to 30 tons 
of cargo. 

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4. Efficient

One employee can prepare and secure CornerLash in 10 minutes: that’s up to 3 times faster than existing compliant solutions.

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