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Discussing how tech transformation can drive supply chains forward at SOCMA Week 2019

Cordstrap are proud to be attending the inaugural SOCMA Week 2019 where tech transformation will play a key part in the agenda.

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There are many factors driving the trends in Digital Transformation across the Supply Chain including the current international, domestic, geopolitical and macroeconomic conditions & opportunities. Find out more about this ahead of the event in our Q&A with Brett Calamari, Director Chemical Segment.

We look forward to discussing the ways tech innovation can drive supply chains forward. It would be great to discuss how Cordstrap can help you maximize your business growth opportunities and partner with you to solve your cargo transportation and securing challenges.

Cordstrap deploy IoT Tech to transform the supply chain

The importance of digital tech and innovation in the supply chain is paramount. At Cordstrap we are embracing the need for this change through our investment in a revolutionary new solution, Cordstrap Cargo Monitoring.

Until now, shippers have either been unaware of the issues and forces experienced by their cargo in transit, or understood them with no support or expertise to resolve any problems. This results in challenges and threats to cargo, increased costs and inefficient supply chains.

Combining big data and IoT technology Cordstrap Cargo Monitoring offers a unique solution capability. It uses Sensors (hardware), Analytics (software) and Operations (device retrieval) and combines this with Cordstrap’s world class leading body of knowledge around cargo protection and securing. It delivers insights into the magnitude and likelihood (the where and when) of risk to cargo at a container level; this includes shocks, delays, humidity, temperature and security risks. It validates the necessity and/or functionality of your cargo protection solutions, providing you with insight-led, tailored advice and solutions. And delivers transparency regarding supply chain performance.

Cordstrap Cargo Monitoring

We recently partnered with a global specialty chemical company to provide them insight into the journey of their cargo while in a container. This unlocked a solution for them to help prevent moisture damage occurring during transit. Find out more by downloading the case study.

The importance of operational optimization in the supply chain

The digital transformation can only be successful if it is linked to an operational one. Unlike pure digital players, the chemical industry has to deal with huge volumes of physical materials. Many of the materials are hazardous and require careful handling. This causes a conservative approach to change and places huge importance on cautious and well-considered change management. While pure digital players can readily switch business models, the chemical industry has to ensure that its operational supply chain remains completely failsafe.

To read more on this, download our white paper on the digital revolution in the chemical industry.

Chemical cargo supply chain optimization

Cordstrap are world-leaders in chemical cargo supply chain optimization. Our engineered container securing solutions ensure safer and more secure shipping for the chemical industry. They have been carefully designed to minimize overall operation costs by maximizing time and cost efficiencies on the ground.

Cordstrap CornerLash AAR

For loads up to 30 tons

CornerLash represents a technological development in cargo protection. It has been carefully engineered to be the most time and cost-efficient solution on the market, enabling heavy cargo of up to 30 tons to be secured quickly and consistentlywithin 10 minutes.

Cordstrap CornerLash

Fast and easy application

CornerLash has been designed by our engineers to reduce container loading times to just 10 minutes using lashing that is cut precisely to length reducing preparation times.

Optimal security

By engineering a solution utilizing the corner posts, where the container is strongest, we created CornerLash – the ultimate protection for heavy loads of up to 30 tons.

Cordstrap AnchorLash HD

Specifically designed for medium-weight loads in containers, AnchorLash HD is a breakthrough innovation in cargo securing. The most time and cost-efficient solution on the market, AnchorLash HD enables medium-weight cargo (up to 18 tons) to be secured in an easy and consistent way within 10 minutes.

Cordstrap AnchorLash HD

Fast and Easy Application

Securing a container with AnchorLash HD takes only 10 minutes because loops are integrated into this solution. ‘Plug and Play’ components including cut-to-length lashing significantly reduces wastage, preparation and clean up time.

Optimal Security

AnchorLash HD provides optimal security for loads of up to 18 tons in transit. It maximizes the use of the anchor points in the container because of the woven loops, therefore optimizing the total securing value.

Cordstrap AnchorLash

For loads up to 11 tons

AnchorLash is specifically engineered for lighter container shipments of up to 11 tons. It delivers time and cost-efficiencies, by enabling light cargo to be secured  safely and consistently within only 8 minutes.

Cordstrap AnchorLash

Fast and easy application

Securing a container with AnchorLash takes just 8 minutes, with lashing that is cut precisely to length to reduce preparation times.

Optimal security

AnchorLash has been engineered to deploy the strongest existing securing point in the container – the anchor point – provide optimal security for loads of up to 11 tons.

Cordstrap expertise

Safe, cost-effective solutions for every load

Creating safer, more cost-effective solutions for every load. Cordstrap ensures the safety of chemical cargo in transit whilst reducing supply chain costs.

  • 50 years’ experience partnering the chemical industry
  • World-leading, engineered solutions for cargo protection
  • Facilitating operational efficiencies throughout the supply chain
  • Claims and rejections minimized
  • Enhanced safety for both personnel and cargo
  • Accidents and spillages prevented
  • Brand image protected

Fully compliant container cargo protection

Cordstrap’s engineered cargo protection solutions for the chemical industry guarantee loads will be approved by surveyors and shipping lines.

  • CTU Code compliant
  • Lloyds and MariTerm certified
  • AAR approval
  • Unrivalled physical insurance

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