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Safety first in Chemical cargo securing

The first priority of chemical manufacturers must always be safety. The Tianjin explosions of 2015 that killed 173 people are a thankfully rare but spectacular example of what can happen when problems occur in the chemical shipping and supply chain. The global nature of the chemical industry is too large, dynamic and visible to make unnecessary risk an option with regard to cargo securing.

Areas of safety risk in chemical cargo securing can be narrowed down to three areas:

The cargo itself

Physical damage to cargo will usually be obvious and simple to recognize. If it can shift within a container, then this can occur much more easily. Correct bundling and securing are vital to ensure that this does not happen.

Incorrect securing

Mistakes in securing can result in injuries with machinery when wood securing is used, and cuts when steel banding is employed. They can also result in cargo falling out of containers when opened.


Explosions, leakages or losses at sea luckily do not happen on a frequent basis, but when they do the consequences for the environment, the affected company and their brand can be disastrous.

For 50 years, Cordstrap have been developing innovative, efficient strapping and bundling solutions for chemical cargo such as drums and pails. As the number one global cargo-securing partner, we have also developed industry leading, award-winning tensioning technology. Delivering safety as well as minimized total cost of ownership (TCO).

We have a unique commitment to training that ensures the safety of people, cargo and brands. Our team of global chemical industry experts supports our customers on both a worldwide and local basis. Ensuring both training and implementation of our solutions is standardized and consistent  at one site, or many. Meaning that for safe chemical cargo securing, Cordstrap is the only logical and cost-effective choice.

With four simple questions, we can give preliminary cargo securing advice. Just click here and you can be applying our knowledge to your specific requirements within minutes.

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