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Discussing key cargo protection themes this month in Brazil

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Cordstrap will shortly be attending Intermodal South America 2020. This major international exhibition for logistics, cargo transport and international trade will be held in São Paulo from March 17 -19.


Rodrigo Sella is Commercial Manager for Cordstrap Brazil. Here he gives his views on some of the major issues being covered at this year’s event.

Supply chain optimization is a key theme at Intermodal this year. Can you give an example of how this can be achieved?

Paying attention to all elements of the supply chain, both big and small, is essential. For example, there is a real opportunity to optimize time and cost efficiencies when loading containers, through the use of efficient securing solutions. Cordstrap’s own AnchorLash HD is a great example, and can secure cargo up to 18 tons easily and consistently within 10 minutes.

Digital transformation is front of mind for global shippers and their 3PL suppliers. What progress do you think has been make in the last year?

Companies are rapidly moving from theory to practice and logistics operations are moving rapidly forward with digital innovation. Cordstrap is a case in point: for example, this past year has seen us introduce Cargo Monitoring. This is a revolutionary new innovation that uses IoT technology to monitor location, temperature, humidity, security, and shock data at an individual container level. Which gives our customers real time vigilance over their shipments. Significantly, it also allows us to use that data to understand precisely what protection future shipments will require and provides us with the opportunity to engineer protection solutions precisely matched to the risks facing customer shipments. The longer the system operates, the deeper our insights grow on the magnitude and likelihood of those risks. 

With globalization accelerating, what is the impact of international and local legislation on shippers?

Compliance with all relevant legislation is absolutely vital. The CTU Code places the responsibility on shippers to deliver cargo that is safe and suitable for transport. And scrutiny is getting tougher: Maersk now undertakes random cargo inspections to ensure CTU Code compliance and fixes any issues at the expense of the shipper or end customer. You can read more about these container checks here

So without compliant solutions, shippers now face a significant increased risk of time delays and related costs for cargo in transit, along with damage to their brand reputation if customers are charged. All Cordstrap’s cargo securing solutions are fully CTU Code compliant and AAR approved, helping our customers to mitigate their risk.

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