Cargo securing

Cordstrap’s cargo applications are engineered to deliver the maximum protection for goods during shipping. Cordstrap application specialists work with each customer to design a tailor-made solution that matches their specific shipping challenges. A customized approach that delivers ultimate peace of mind.

Bundling and Palletizing

Cordstrap bundling and palletizing solutions offer a unique combination of flexible texture and high retained tension; making them suitable for securing any type, size or weight of product.

Cordstrap’s cargo bundling and palletizing solutions have a high level of retained tension that ensures bundles keep their original form. These solutions allow products to be picked up and also stacked.

This combination of solutions can transform cargo, even if of irregular shape, into transportable units that can be shipped worldwide without damage.


The invention of the shipping container 60 years ago by Malcolm McLean introduced a revolution in global trade and changed world shipping forever.

Today, containerized transport is responsible for over 80% of all non-bulk cargo shipped worldwide. Every year, 20 million containers make over 200 million trips delivering goods worldwide via rail, road and sea. 

Ship Securing

Break-bulk cargo shipped in and on board of ships can be exposed to extreme external influences. The unique combination of Cordstrap’s woven polyester lashing with our unique patented Dynablock load buckle and in-house developed tooling are the safe and light-weight alternative to steel chains and wire. 

Cordstrap’s heavy-duty polyester lashings solutions will not damage cargo during the voyage and ensure there will be no slippage during the longest voyages.

Cordstrap experts work with each customer to design a tailor-made solution to their specific shipping challenges - and our training centers offer every Cordstrap customer the opportunity to participate in our Cargo Securing Training program.